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Meyer Barbecue Pro Kit

Meyer Barbecue Pro Kit includes the Grill Attachment, 4x Standard Skewers, 2x Double Skewers, and 1x Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill from Tramontina.

Meyer Barbecue Starter Kit

Meyer Barbecue Starter Kit includes Grill Attachment, 3x Standard Skewers, 1x Double Skewer

Brazilian Barbecue Grill Attachment

The Meyer Barbecue Grill Attachment clamps on to your existing barbecue grill to transform it into a Brazilian Barbecue. It attaches to a wide variety of barbecue grills, regardless of the size or shape. The multiple levels are used to support Brazilian barbecue skewers.

Skewer - Wooden Handle (33.5")

Standard skewer used for most cuts of meat. Use two of these skewers for extra heavy cuts such as a rack of beef ribs.

Double Skewer - Wooden Handle (33.5")

Use the double skewer for sausages, extra wide or heavy cuts of meat, and small pieces of meat such as chicken hearts.

Barbecue Grill - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill from Tramontina. Use this grill for items that cannot be skewered, such as fish, burger patties, and some vegetables.

Wooden Carving Board with Juice Groove

Convenient angled juice grooves designed to leave your table clean and organized while serving.

Wooden End Grain Cutting Board with Juice Groove

The wood veins are assembled to make this board harder and increases the durability in the concentrated cutting area.

Wooden Cutting/Serving Boards with Stand

3-Piece Cut & Serve boards with stand: Pig shaped board / Hen shaped board / Cow shaped board. Light weight and resistant. For use as cutting or serving boards and also as hot dish coasters.